Dream Wedding

Wow, it has been a busy week! This year’s Alligator Juniper is finally in the mail to all of our wonderful contributors and subscribers and we are gearing up for our Launch Party, which will be held at the Peregrine Book Co., here in Prescott, May 2 at 5 pm.

In this final, busy week of school it has been difficult to keep on top of the NaPoWriMo challenge that we have taken on, but for the last few days of April we’re going to give it our best effort.

So with that said, here is my latest, greatest poem.

Dream Wedding      by Sunshine

Wedding days
and wedding feasts
Wedding parties
followed by nightmarish beasts

Every invitation in the mail
and every wedding I attend
gets me worked up
and sends my head into this spin

I dream of planning
I dream of prepping
and into my dreams
a groom keeps stepping

How many guests
will be on the list?
I try to think
of the people I’ve missed

How many girlfriends
will I lose
if them for bridesmaids
I do not chose?

What color combos
will I pick?
The only choices in my dreams
make me downright sick

When to each other
the vows are read
will we say “I do”
or “I will” instead?

Which child to bear the ring
will we ask?
His nephew, my niece?
I think my dog could do the task

But in my dreams
the mother of the groom
throws a monstrous fit
and threatens my pooch with a broom!

A candle near the guestbook
gets knocked over by some dame
and the wedding of my dreams
goes up in flames!

So on those mornings
after weddings I confess
to my groom-to-be
that our wedding plans are a mess

He holds me close as I cry
until his shirt is wet
then he shakes his head and reminds me
“We’re not even engaged yet!”







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