And the Winners Are…

Writing Alligator Juniper National Literary Awards

Grand Prize Winners Receive $1,000

2015 Winners

Creative Nonfiction: “The Particulars”

by Rosemary Jones of Seattle, WA

Fiction: “Astronaut House”

by Justin Chrestman of Houston, TX

Poetry: “On the Patio After Reading Democritus”

by Christopher Buckley of Santa Barbara, CA

AJ 2015 Finalists


Christopher Buckley of Santa Barbara, CA for “Monday Passes” & “Creed”

Elton Glaser of Akron, OH for “Bleeding Through”

Pamela Johnson Parker of Murray, KY for “Victorian Ladies Once Read in the Dark by Tracing the Raised Type on a Book’s Edges”

Jim Natal of Marina del Rey, CA for “Bonneville and “Uprooted”

Brooke Sahni of Portland, OR for “Chapati”

Nell Smith of Nobleboro, ME for “On Combating Loneliness”


Judith Alexander-McGovern of Seattle, WA for “Means of Expression”

Corrina Carter of Ames, IA for “In the Foaling Barn”

Creative Nonfiction

Judy Catterton of Rehoboth Beach, DE for “When Will It Stop Raining?”

Tanya Ward Goodman of Los Angeles, CA for “In the Clearing, A Boxer”

Michael Palmer of Lubbock, TX for “What Else”

2013 Winners

Creative Nonfiction: “How to Be Analog”

by Natalie Singer, Seattle, WA

Natalie Singer, winner of the National Creative Nonfiction Prize

Natalie Singer, National Creative Nonfiction Prizewinner

Poetry: “Ex Libris”

by Allan Peterson, Gulf Breeze, FL

Allan Peterson,National Poetry Prizewinner

Allan Peterson,
National Poetry Prizewinner

Fiction: “Hero”

Esther Welsh, Brooklyn, NY

Esther Welsh,National Fiction Prizewinner

Esther Welsh,
National Fiction Prizewinner

AJ 2013 Finalists

Creative Nonfiction:

“Consciousness” by Judith Barrington

“Frank’s Buick” by David G. Pace

“Orphan” by Martha Schulman

“Gumshoes” by Julie Marie Wade


“Bacon Grease” by Rupert Fike

“Unslaked” by Pamela Johnson Parker

“Wishing” by Allan Peterson

“The Given Lines” by Rita Mae Reese


“Carminutti’s Knees” by Richard Cass

“Sanctuary” by Sara Dupree

“The Man in the Barn” by Jim Gish

“The Double” by Andrea Jackson

“Palindromes” by Sarah Elizabeth Schantz


 2013 National Photography Awards

1st Place, Grand Prize $500 “Intersections and Shells” by Don Fike

2nd Place “Suburban Cowboy” by Mark Lipczynski

3rd Place “Condor #55” by Wayne Johnson

Honorable Mention “Penguins Running to Sunset Antarctica” by Micheal Leggero


4 Comments on “And the Winners Are…”

  1. trinitygrau says:

    While I’m disappointed that I didn’t win, I’m very glad that I had the opportunity to enter this competition. Thank you for sending such a wonderful reply back!

    • Alligator Juniper says:

      We are writers too, and we understand what it is like to submit your work out into the world. We strive to invest ourselves in all of our authors, not just those that win this year’s contest. We hope you keep submitting. Thanks for the comment!

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