Prescott College Student Contest Winners & Finalists


Prescott College’s Annual Student Creative Writing Contest 

1st place in each category: $125 plus publication
2nd place in each category: $75
3rd place in each category: $50

2015 James & Judith Walsh Creative Writing Awards


1st Place: “Aboard the Golden Rule” by Amanda Pekar
2nd Place: “4 Seasons in the Desert: A Haibun” by Brian Leibold
3rd Place: “Anagama” by Nicholas Treinen
Honorable Mention: “Survivor” by Emilyann Dearborn
Honorable Mention: “Color Wheel” by Hiatt Werling


1st Place: “Falling in Love with the Red Priest” by Amanda Pekar
2nd Place: “Moon Dust” by Charles Castinado
3rd Place: “Patagonia: a Collection of Writings Gleaned from the Cordillera”
by Alyssa Young
Honorable Mention: “Under the Steeple” by Madison Doucette
Honorable Mention: “Asserting Existence” by Renee Thibodeaux


1st Place: “Celebration, Florida” by Hiatt Werling
2nd Place: “To Know Good” by Sydney Van Nortwick
3rd Place: “I Can Walk from Here” by Emilyann Dearborn
Honorable Mention: “John Rascal” by Jamie Tinnin

2013 Suzanne Tito Student Writing Awards

Creative Nonfiction:

1st Place: Erika DeLeo, “The Fairly Quiet Hour”

2nd Place: Zoë Mason, “Somewhere Off Sunset”

3rd Place: Iza Bruen-Morningstar, “Rock, Paper, Scissors”

Honorable Mentions:

Daniel Alexander Roca, “The House of Splits and Seams”

Brooke Sahni, “Cedar & Lee”


1st Place: Daniel Alexander Roca, “The day I leave you, I slam the gate behind me”

2nd Place: Chris Triantafillou, “Arizona Sun”

3rd Place: Daniel Alexander Roca, “The Boundary of the Wolf”

Honorable Mentions:

Zoë Mason, “On the Upper Rio Negro”

Sofia Rovirosa, “Autumn”


1st Place: Jeff Rome, “A Sense of Placebo”

2nd Place: Daniel Alexander Roca, “The Candy Apple Night Club”

3rd Place: Audrey Post, “Of Past and Present Lives”

Honorable Mentions:

Casey McFarland, “Rebirth”

Audrey Post, “The Lamenting of the Fiddle and the Date Pits”

2013 Suzanne Tito Student Photography Awards

1st Place: “Road to Infinity” by Sean Thomas

2nd Place: “Fun in Hell” by Chad Castigliano

3rd Place: “Untitled #5 (Exhaust)” Sergio Salas

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