Alligator Juniper 2013 Launch Event

Alligator Juniper 2013 Launch Event

Dream Wedding

Wow, it has been a busy week! This year’s Alligator Juniper is finally in the mail to all of our wonderful contributors and subscribers and we are gearing up for our Launch Party, which will be held at the Peregrine Book Co., here in Prescott, May 2 at 5 pm.

In this final, busy week of school it has been difficult to keep on top of the NaPoWriMo challenge that we have taken on, but for the last few days of April we’re going to give it our best effort.

So with that said, here is my latest, greatest poem.

Dream Wedding      by Sunshine

Wedding days
and wedding feasts
Wedding parties
followed by nightmarish beasts

Every invitation in the mail
and every wedding I attend
gets me worked up
and sends my head into this spin

I dream of planning
I dream of prepping
and into my dreams
a groom keeps stepping

How many guests
will be on the list?
I try to think
of the people I’ve missed

How many girlfriends
will I lose
if them for bridesmaids
I do not chose?

What color combos
will I pick?
The only choices in my dreams
make me downright sick

When to each other
the vows are read
will we say “I do”
or “I will” instead?

Which child to bear the ring
will we ask?
His nephew, my niece?
I think my dog could do the task

But in my dreams
the mother of the groom
throws a monstrous fit
and threatens my pooch with a broom!

A candle near the guestbook
gets knocked over by some dame
and the wedding of my dreams
goes up in flames!

So on those mornings
after weddings I confess
to my groom-to-be
that our wedding plans are a mess

He holds me close as I cry
until his shirt is wet
then he shakes his head and reminds me
“We’re not even engaged yet!”







The Seasonal Heart and the Soul

The planes fly by high and pollinate the skies
my brow grew heavy in the thicket
I waltz along infinite checkers
and watch the traffic go by

The season is open
for the heart from the soul
welcome home Logan 151st
another box from a war

white light of white light of
kick your shoe on the dashboard
clouds push, you, the true originator!
assume all forms

Lady Versa
steadfast and unassuming
your chalice cup
watch for the moss in which I’m moving

the wave of night over the day

the planes fly by high
and pollinate the skies


~William Teller


You wake to the dog puking on the floor
You let the dog out then pour food in his bowl
You prepared cinnamon rolls the night before
You also let the oven self clean
You preheat the oven for five minutes
You can’t for the life of you get the oven to unlock
You get in the shower
You shave your legs and beneath one arm
You notice the drain is clogged
You spend ten minutes naked and soapy with the toilet plunger
You plunge the drain as the water runs cold
You get out of the shower
You forot to rinse the soap from the unshaven arm pit
You put on the clothes that were hanging over the back of the chair
You find a cockroach hiding in your skirt
You take the clothes off
You finally make it to the car
You are fifteen minutes late
You turn the key but the car won’t start
You turn it again but hear nothing but beeping

Beep Beep Beep Beep

You turn on your side
You grope for the snooze button
You thank God it’s Friday



The Writing Practice, Part II: Methodology and Camaraderie

Our Founding Editor Melanie Bishop is a guest blogger for the Potomac Review. Read her series of posts on “The Writing Process.” Part II, published today, covers “Methodology and Camaraderie.”

While Eating Cookie Crisp Cereal

The corn was grown in a plot of land somewhere
To the exclusion of all other life that might have been there
fertilized with imported nitrates, modified genetically
sprayed with synthesized toxins to keep other life away
Harvested, processed in a factory with great energy
petroleum, trees, coal, minerals, pigment consumed
All so that one could have
a box of Cookie Crisp
-Blake Fisher

Tom Harris

Every morning he woke to his ceiling
briefly losing himself in its white heaven,
empty, quiet, comforting.

Like the wrinkles on his face,
the cracks appeared
growing from the corners of the ceiling,
deepening, and creaking in its’ old age
it began to collapse and gave way on top of him.

Eyes shut tight,
returning to life as he inhaled,
he exhaled out of bed.

Tom lived in a fourth story apartment
with a balcony that bathed in sunsets and sun rises.
Most days he stood a distance away from the railing,
there were few days where he had the courage
to stand close or place his hands on it.

When he did,
Like the decaying bones of a corpse
The rail would crumble apart
And he would fall over the edge.

His limbs dislocating,
his heart convulsing,
his body hugging the pavement
As he hit the ground.

He stumbled backwards into his living room
And locked the balcony door.
After breakfast he went to work.

Upon entering his car he would die once more,
A head on collision.
He watched the steering wheel crush his stomach
Watched his windshield shatter
as his whole body rattled within
The pulverized vehicle.

Looking at himself in his rear-view mirror
He starts his engine and continues his day.

No one knew how the unpredictable
fate of mortality haunted him
So much so that living meant
to die a new death every day.
Every night he drank tea before bed
But this night, as he slept,
The gas from his stove crawled about his home,
poisoning his lungs.

When he awoke to white heaven,
it didn’t creek or crack.
But simply remained blissful.


Elizabeth Schwartz

An Ode to a Windy Day

Oh the wind

It blows so fierce

and through my soul

i feel it pierce

i get so grumpy

and irate

as for the wind

to stop, I wait

don’t leave the house

by foot, bike, or car

the wind’s so strong

I can’t get far

i feel the moisture

whisked away from my skin

the wind blows me dry

and I feel so thin

I can’t drink enough water

I can’t get a hold

the wind takes me along

as it continues to blow




2013 Issue Announcement Poster

2013 Issue Announcement Poster

2013 Issue Announcement Poster

Meet Melanie Bishop, Founding Editor

An Interview with Melanie Bishop, the Founding Editor of Alligator Juniper

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