Thank You to Student Contest Sponsors James & Judith Walsh

Alligator Juniper is excited to announce the new

sponsors of our annual student contest, now entitled

The James and Judith Walsh Awards in Creative

Nonfiction, Fiction, & Poetry.  

James P. Walsh of Oracle, Arizona is a member of Prescott College’s Board of Trustees. 

James and Judy met 50 years ago in literary class, and both have active creative literary interests. Mr. & Mrs. Walsh’s generous donation will encourage talented student writers at Prescott College by awarding first, second, and third prize winners in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction monetary prizes. Each year, first place winners are also published in Alligator Juniper. For a sample of student talent, read the 2013 CNF student winner E.L. DeLeo’s memoir “A Fairly Quiet Hour.”

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