Author Highlights: Connie Voisine on “In-between” Spaces

If you’ve never read one of Connie Voisine’s poems, you may be pleasantly surprised by the elegance and beauty in her imagery. We were pleased to find just such beauty in something seemingly industrial and plain in her poem, “Medical Plaza,” featured on page 191 of AJ 2013.


Connie Voisine is an associate professor of English at New Mexico State University. Educated at Yale University, University of California at Irvine, and University of Utah, she also coordinates La Sociedad para las Artes, an English Department outreach organization. Her book, Cathedral of the North, was selected winner of the AWP Award in Poetry, and Rare High Meadow of Which I Might Dream was published by University of Chicago Press in 2008 and was a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Award. She was a Fulbright Fellow at Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2012.

Here is a teaser from “Medical Plaza”:

Oh secret volume—so
this is the other,
the failing life? The truer
eye? Tests and brown-tiered

balconies, five stories
of early risers? Hours 8-5. A man
with cane leans on the railing, floor

Following the poem is this dialogue with Connie:

The piece takes place literally in the quiet before the day’s rush, and metaphorically, it touches upon a more substantial, existential waiting. What fascinates you about these in-between spaces?

That’s lyric itself, isn’t it—the in-between spaces. The stopped clock. The emotion, the thinking, the psychology that pauses the busy narrative of the world …

To read the full poem and dialogue, pick up a copy of AJ 2013. You can subscribe on our website.

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