Founding Editor Melanie Bishop’s New Book Is “A Page Turner with Substance”

Announcing the January publication of

My So-Called Ruined Life 

Tate McCoy Series • Book 1

by Melanie Bishop

Available for pre-order: Barnes and Noble|Amazon

Last summer was the worst summer of Tate McCoy’s life. Last summer, Tate’s mom was murdered—just as their damaged relationship was about to mend. Now, with her dad in jail as the prime suspect and her future unsettlingly uncertain, most people think Tate’s life is ruined—but Tate is not most people. Determined to make the most of her seventeenth summer, she’s spending plenty of time biking around town with her best friend, Kale, finding her buoyancy at Barton Springs, camping and hiking at the Grand Canyon with her Aunt Greta, and not following her “no boys for now” policy.

But a horrifying truth about her mom’s death puts Tate’s resilience to the test yet again. Full of refreshingly blunt teenage wisdom, bawdy, between-friends humor, and plenty of pool time, this debut novel explores the tightening and unraveling of relationships—and the rocky, empowering journey of realizing one’s own strength in tough times.

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