Phone Fiction Update

A couple of months ago we encouraged our followers, subscribers, and writers to submit their published stories to Phone Fiction’s short story contest. Quite a few people did and we are so please to hear that one of Alligator Juniper’s most recently published stories made it through the first cut. Andrea Jackson’s story “The Double” was published in the 2013 issue and received good reviews from Phone Fiction’s editor, Preston Witt. 

Here’s a little bit of what Mr. Witt had to say: 

“The Double” is a gripping, affecting, powerful piece of writing. There was a strange, sugar-coated menace that came from every scene. Great stuff, Andrea. I’m not at all surprised to see that Alligator Juniper first published it either–they do excellent work.

Remember that Phone Fiction awards not only the winning writers, but also the original publishing journal ($1,000) of the winning stories. “The Double” and Joan Dempsey’s “Leaving the Ledges” (which was published in the 2009 issue) still have to make it through a round of Reader’s Choice, but we wish them the best of luck! 

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  1. Joan Dempsey says:

    Ready to promote!

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