Phone Fiction’s Previously Published Contest

The staff of Alligator Juniper was recently notified that Joan Dempsey submitted a story to Phone Fiction for their Previously Published short fiction contest. Joan’s story Leaving the Ledges first appeared in the 2009 issue of Alligator Juniper.
Phone Fiction’s contest is unique in several ways. They award not only the winning writers, but also the original publishing journal ($1,000) of the winning stories. If Joan wins, Alligator Juniper wins!
We would like to encourage the authors we’ve published to submit work to Phone Fiction before May 31st. The more authors we have on the site, the better our chances of winning.
We know how much hard work went into publishing that piece, and of course we want more people reading it. You can learn more about what Phone Fiction is trying to do for the short story here:
The deadline for this contest is May 31st, so hurry and visit to submit your work!
Best of luck to all of you!

One Comment on “Phone Fiction’s Previously Published Contest”

  1. Joan Dempsey says:

    Even though the deadline has passed, do keep tuned to Phone Fiction – they’ve got a neat approach and are working to support both authors and literary magazines. I’m delighted for both myself and Alligator Juniper that J. Preston Witt, PhoneFiction’s creator and editor, selected “Leaving the Ledges” for this contest. Good luck to us both!

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