You wake to the dog puking on the floor
You let the dog out then pour food in his bowl
You prepared cinnamon rolls the night before
You also let the oven self clean
You preheat the oven for five minutes
You can’t for the life of you get the oven to unlock
You get in the shower
You shave your legs and beneath one arm
You notice the drain is clogged
You spend ten minutes naked and soapy with the toilet plunger
You plunge the drain as the water runs cold
You get out of the shower
You forot to rinse the soap from the unshaven arm pit
You put on the clothes that were hanging over the back of the chair
You find a cockroach hiding in your skirt
You take the clothes off
You finally make it to the car
You are fifteen minutes late
You turn the key but the car won’t start
You turn it again but hear nothing but beeping

Beep Beep Beep Beep

You turn on your side
You grope for the snooze button
You thank God it’s Friday



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