Featured Poem: “The Moment of Unknowing”

At last night's photography lecture,
I drifted, heard shudder for shutter,
clicked my eyes and could see us
grasping after mystery in the dark.

There's a moment in photography
when you let the subject go,
the shutter closes and you know only
what you knew before it blinked.

What we catch on film, we get by accident,
yet it remains and is not less real for what
we didn't see, and may be more, quickened
as it is, into history without us. After all,

who are we in the dark? When we let each
other go from pleasure's gestures into the small
apocalypse of orgasm, the shutter's glimpse
which is not vision, but unseeing sense.

-Marta Ferguson
Published in the 2012 Alligator Juniper issue.

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