Great New Review!

Alligator Juniper has received another amazing review, this time of our 2012 issue. Here is a highlight:

“Like the magazine, the alligator juniper tree is native to Arizona (the journal is a yearly publication of Prescott College), but, as

 its unusual name implies, the magazine ‘invites both the regional and the exotic…’ These contributions include Debra Marquart’s poignant “Losing the Meadow,” an essay that wanders between past homes and present landscapes so gently you’re not even sure why you feel sad at the end. “Pop” is Chris Guppy’s tender eulogy for a tough old dad, and Natalie Vestin’s “Under Ground” is a strong essay about the earth beneath Alberta, framed by stories of the people buried in it. You can see why the prizewinners are the prizewinners… all of it—both image and text—is highly readable, well-constructed, and, above all, full of empathy for the human condition…”For the full review:

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